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Government leisure craft up to 6 meters in length and engine power adequate to them according to its manufacturer.
Personal watercraft for class C with less than 55 HP power.
Sailing day provided that not more than 2 nautical miles in any direction from a port, marina or place of shelter away.

Largest in 16 years with parental consent.
Medical certificate.

Duration 2 hours.

Theory, introduction to the practical content.

Knowledge on limitations to navigation on beaches not blazed, marked and their access channels.
Legislation on maritime traffic and inland waterway ports. Lateral marks of A region.
Form of Government the boat to prevent balance sheets and bridles and importance of not reaching to the sea.

Rules 4 to 8, 11a 19 and 37 of the international regulations for preventing collisions.

Basic concepts for use of station portable VHF radio, channel 16, its use in case of emergency and routine basic communications, as well as the form of contact maritime rescue (channel 16 and phone 112 and 900 202 202).

Duration 4 hours.

(1). Checks before heading out to sea and safety.
Knowledge and handling of material safety, review the critical points of the boat and checks the outlet to the sea.

(2). Engines.
Identification of the elements of the propulsion installation. Start the engine and performance checks.

Section 3. Knots.
Management of capes and basic knots.

Section 4. Maneuvers.
Maneuvers in docks, berths and desatraques. Safe speed.

Paragraph 5. Anchoring, surveillance and control of the defeat.
Manoeuvre of anchoring and turned the anchor. Precautions with swimmers and divers.

Paragraph 6. Security maneuvers

Some flexibility in the realization and development of practices depending on the weather conditions may be granted. Dante certainly exhausted the total hours and impart the agenda of practices in its entirety.

YEAR 2017


May 27, 2017.

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Morning 9:00 to 13:00 practice shifts; from 13:00 to 15:00 theory.
Shifts late from 13:00 to 15:00 theory; from 15:00 to 19:00 practice.



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