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From a practical perspective, restricting the theoretical aspects to what is strictly necessary, the objective is that students identify which are the guidelines of safety on board and be able to avoid risks during sailing.
Certain matters from the practices have to be repeated during the course of them, such as those relating to tack and gybe maneuvers. Issues that have already been subject to explanation on the basic security practices should be remembered but exclusively in its application to the sailing vessels, as it is relation to the despondency and its impact on the safety of navigation, the up in anticipation of people during navigation and issues relating to the greater draught of vessels from sailing with respect to engine and precautions in areas of shallow water.

Duration 16 hours.

1. Theory of sailing
2 hours devoted to theoretical aspects of sailing, as well as some basic knowledge of mechanics of fluids and the functioning of the sailing vessels. The course of the boat depending on the wind and tack and gybe maneuvers will explain, and it will have an impact in the planning of the defeat and interpretation of weather forecasts.

2. It rigging and amp; sails
2 hours dedicated to the knowledge of the navigation-related elements of the boat sailing (rigging, sails, deck fittings and appendages).

Section 3. Maneuver sailing I
2 hours dedicated to the rigging and desaparejado of the boat and the basic principles of the candle maneuver. The most common knots are practiced here and you will explain how dual and candles are cared. We will explain how to raise and lower the sails and the precautions to follow.

Section 4. Maneuver to vela II
2 hours dedicated to the knowledge of how influences balance sail in the March of the boat and how it reacts to the blunder of the rudder to a band or another and the reduction in speed that is stuck implies. You will be the setting of candles depending on the direction of the boat, with explanation and use of all los cabos fine-tuning and control the sails will be shown as taking the waves depending on the course and the influence on the progress of the vessel.

Paragraph 5. Maneuver sailing III
2 hours dedicated to the realization of the maneuvers of tack and jibe.

Paragraph 6. Maneuver advanced sailing.
2 hours dedicated to advanced maneuvers to sail, such as fachear and stop the boat and anchor and leave you will find sailing.

Section 7. Handling of security
2 hours devoted to maneuvers of safety, in particular the collection of man sailing sailing. They will explain the risks of a man sailing with spinnaker and is placed on the flag. Be also the curly mayor and reduction in headsail.

Section 8. Safety in sailing
2 hours dedicated to the explanation of the usual risks of sailing.

The development of parties in which practices are divided shall be in accordance with the order in which are established in the relationship, giving some flexibility in the realization of them depending on the weather conditions and the hours per session of practices and totals listed in this annex. Having met the total hours and complete the agenda of the practices entirely.

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tomorrow from 9:00 to 13:00 practical sailing.
13:00 to 14:00 lunch break.
Afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00 practical sailing.

Midweek and other dates consult.


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